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         DIET Kasaragod is situated at Maipady, the headquarters of the Kumbala Rajas. It is about 9 kms. from Kasaragod Town and 3 kms from the famous Madhur temple. The institute is situated on a spacious campus of 14.5 acres. GTTI Maipady which started functioning here in 1948 on land donated by Maipady Royal family was upgraded as District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in May 1989. The Institute is completing 24 years of exemplary service in the field of education. DIET Kasaragod was in the forefront of all the innovations and improvements the state of Kerala has seen in the past twenty years. This DIET is unique in that it is the only institution in the state of Kerala which provides pre-service and in-service teacher education both in Malayalam and Kannada.
       Kasaragod is said to be generated from Kannada word ‘Kasaraka kadu’ which means, the forest area of Nuxvomica (kanjiram). Kasaragod district was formulated on 24th May 1984 as the 14th district in modern Kerala. The complexities and diversification in culture, multiplicity in languages and their communicative dialects, conglomeration of castes and creed and their way of life are amazing and have much scope for research.        Kasargod district has a unique education system where both Kannada and Malayalam medium of instruction are adopted in school education. It was one among the six districts in which DPEP was implemented in the state during the year 1994. The Revenue district under the jursdiction of The Deputy Director of the Education (DDE) has two educational districts namely Kasargod and Kanhangad.        The DIET comprices 7 Faculties for providing services to both Pre-service and Inservice Sector of Education. There are 20 academic staff members including the Principal. The mission of the institute is to ensure sustainable quality education to all and also to enhance and review the teacher education in tune with the needs and aspirations of society.
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